5 Summer Tops That Flatter Your Body

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When the warm season is near, well it’s a sign that we should change the clothes from our closet. And if you care about your image than you should keep up with fashion tendencies and, of course, to choose clothes that highlights your body shape. If in winter it’s easier to hide out flaws under those warm sweaters, well, in summer it’s a bit harder to do that. That’s why, choosing the perfect top must be done carefully, and to keep in mind the following tips, because the perfect top has to elongate visually your neck, to emphasize your arms and shoulders.

1. V-cleavage top
The “V” cut at the base of the neck offers an excellent optical illusion that can hide small imperfections and elongate visually your neck making it look thinner. This top pattern is also ideal if you have wide shoulders. And if you have a V-shape cleavage both in the front and in the back, you’ll achieve even more clearly the desired effect.

2. Short sleeve t-shirt
If you don’t have prominent biceps with a well-defined muscle shape, the short sleeve t-shirt can draw attention from that area. This summer choose those shirts with some fabric added around the arm area. You can choose, for example, double-fabric transparent or lace sleeves.

3. Striped top
If you want to create the illusion of wider shoulders, the horizontal stripes are the best solution. However, beware of this option if you are a plus size or if you have big breasts because horizontal stripes can emphasize even more your “flaws”. Given this situation is better to choose vertical stripes.

4. Top with thin straps
Many women prefer this type of tops because it emphasizes their shoulders and sensually highlight the neckline area. These tops are ideal for athletic women with well-defined shoulders and muscles. In addition, a loose top with thin straps is perfect for those hot summer days.

5. Prints around the breast area
Fringes or ruffles around the breast area are the perfect solution for small breasted women. Prints add volume around your chest being the perfect detail for you.

Image Credits: Weightlosswardrobe

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