5 Genius Ways To Wear And Match Jeans This Year

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Jeans are that clothing item everyone has in his/her closet. And let’s face it: you can’t break up with your favorite pair of jeans. And these new jeans trends can get out of the crowd any boring outfit. Learn how to wear jeans to create a memorable outfit.

Highlight your shoes
This year ankle jeans are very trendy and they role is to highlight your shoes! Choose this type of jeans, very cool and resilient, and create your outfit. Cher or Scarlett pattern are the best for an outfit with a pair of cool sandals, a simple sleeveless t-shirt, a golden blazer and a black bag.

Play with colors
A pair of dark jeans, worn with a black and white striped t-shirt will look incredible with a pair of camel knee-high boots with thick heel, and an intense blue handbag. These chromatic elements will look great around the dark colored jeans.

Choose an all denim look
Denim outfits have a fresh and youthful air, perfect for spring. But there are three rules you should keep in mind when you choose an all denim outfit. First of all, don’t pick the jeans and the blouse/shirt in the same shade, but opt for a darker shade in jeans and a denim blue shirt to create an interesting contrast. Avoid wearing used-aspect jeans because for an all denim outfit you need only one color for your jeans. You can also play with the size: a pair of skinny jeans with a loose denim shirt, and you’ll achieve a relaxed look.

Give up to skinny jeans pattern
We’re so used with skinny jeans, that it’s actually very hard for us to create interesting outfits with straight or conical jeans. For example, conical jeans patterns are perfect for casual outfits, where you can create outfits with personality, but also you can wear them at the office with a silk shirt, heels and oversized bag. Straight jeans shape your body very beautiful, highlighting your silhouette and hiding your flaws. These jeans can be used successfully in stylish and elegant outfits, and if you choose a dark colored pair, you’ll create a thinning effect.

Learn to wear with style ripped jeans
Ripped jeans are very stylish, and they are in tendencies for years now. They become very popular in the 80’s when rock stars wear them in the stage. This rebel aspect was “tattered” over the years, and their big advantage is that they are the star-item of your item. Given this reason, you have to choose simple and neutral clothes with classic cuts to draw attention over your jeans.

Image Credits: Bestchinanews

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