7 Step-By-Step Instructions To Reinvent Your Style. Feel Better In Your Shoes

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You don’t like your clothes anymore and you don’t know how to match your clothes for the next day outfit? Well, this means that you have to reinvent your style and make some changes. You’ll see that from the moment this happens, you’ll feel better in your shoes and you’ll step with confidence in every room.

So, write down the following steps for a new, different style!

1. Identify the problem for an impressive change of look
There is a slight possibility not to have a well-defined style, but just have the impression that you do! The best thing you can do is ask your girlfriends questions about you, how they see you, and take this “advice” in account. But they have to be best friends, otherwise ask your mother (most of the time she’s your best friend).

2. Take your sizes correctly
Try to measure your body by taking your size correctly, and then write down. So you’ll see in black and white if you lie to yourself or not. There might be a possibility of wearing smaller or larger clothes, instead the ones that fit perfectly on you. And this is the first step in ruining your style. Many women make this mistake, trying to trick themselves by buying other sizes – short shirts, stretch pants or oversize jackets.

3. Find out which are your favorite colors
Often, each person’s favorite color palette says a lot of thing about them. If you like strong colors it means that you are an incurable optimistic, but if you prefect it means that you are an introvert. So, find out which are your favorite colors and the one that matches your skin tone, and introduce them in your closet.

4. Moderation
It seems that moderation is the best stylist. If you understand that the perfect skirt has a decent length and a top’s neckline doesn’t have to draw attention, then you’re on the right path. Apply this rule also for colors or prints – the more discreet they are, the better.

5. Buy quality clothes and accessories
When we say quality, we should think to fabrics and cut. High quality clothing and accessories are noticed easily. Test this fact in stores: You will see that those clothing item that just don’t fit well on your body are made of poor quality fabrics. It’s better to buy a quality item that last longer than a poor quality one.
6. Inspire from a star that matches your style or that looks like you
If you have a star that has the similar features like you do, it’s impossible not to like something in her style. Find street style photos with your idol and try to make at least two similar outfits.

7. Ask a stylist for a change of look
If all of the above advice seems impossible for your powers, it means that you need an objective opinion from an unknown person. Some fashion tips, discussions about aesthetics, shades, new trends that can help you change your style or to update the old one.

Image Credits: Stleontheside

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