Biggest Style Mistakes That Make You Look Neglected

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We see often down the streets a lot of women wearing different outfits that look extremely awful on their body. No matter how fashionable is a particular clothing item, if it doesn’t highlight your body, it’s better to avoid wearing it. The biggest mistake most women make is to follow stereotypes without focusing on what would benefit them.

Many persons blame it on their budget for their looks, but this is actually irrelevant. It’s not necessary to be filthy rich to dress with good taste, you just have to choose your clothes size well and to match your personal style.

The fact is you should avoid the following style mistakes when you want to buy clothes.

1. Oversize clothes – even if you see more and more girls wearing loose t-shirts or coats, eventually with a few sizes bigger, that doesn’t mean it’s a feminine thing. On the contrary, they will make you look like a gangsta lady, which is not very feminine, leaving the impression of a frumpy look.

2. Leggings – these clothing items are very comfortable but they are not suitable for all body shapes. Not every woman has harmonious shapes, but this doesn’t mean they are not beautiful. On the contrary, thin woman can wear leggings but those with voluminous shapes could opt for a pair of classic jeans to highlight their beautiful shapes.

3. Too much bright colors – it’s advisable to wear a coat on a bright color. This can highlight certain parts of your body and make you look more sensual or feminine. Nevertheless, don’t you even make the mistake of wearing two bright colors in the same outfit, like red and blue. You’ll create a chromatic imbalance, very disturbing, that will make you look very unstylish.

4. Accessories avalanche – don’t wear all the accessories you have thinking that they actually match. This may ruin a beautiful outfit. It’s enough to wear a classic necklace and a bracelet or a ring and earrings.

5. Two trends one outfit – the reason why there are many types of styles and clothing is precisely because each woman has a different body shape. To look good we don’t have to dress after a particular pattern or worse, to match different styles in one outfit, just because it’s fashionable.

6. Short skirts – it’s true that such clothing item is trendy this year and can complete a successful outfit, but this doesn’t mean that will fit on any body shape. So, if you don’t have toned legs, avoid wearing this type of skirt.

7. Brands on sight – even if you’ve purchased a clothing item from a famous brand, is better not to wear the label on the outside. A quality garment is remotely observed without the need in showing what are you wearing.

These are just a few of the mistakes you have to try as long as possible NOT to make them. Why invest some money in something just because is trendy, instead purchasing something that actually highlights your shapes.

Image Credits: Bjutie

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