Worst Style Mistakes That Make You Look Like A Granny

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If you are not 20 or 30 anymore, I advise you not to make the following style mistakes anymore. They will make you look older, and this is not the result you want to achieve, am I right? The fact is that most women make these style mistakes without knowing. Although, you have to stop making them if you want an impeccable look!

1. Shiny tights
OMG! These types of tights are so old fashioned that I don’t even know why they fabric them anymore. They look awful on young ladies legs, but on mature legs they are so wrong! Not to mention if you have some extra pounds.

2. Definitely NOT!
You don’t wear cotton clothes
Elastan clothing items and other stretch materials are a bit shiny and overheat the skin. They should be forbidden during summer. Wear cotton clothes because they take a good care of your skin, even if they need to be ironed all the time.

3. You choose to highlight your silhouette by wearing tight clothes
This is so not classy at all! Even if you have a well-shaped body, you shouldn’t wear tight clothes to show that. Balance tight clothes with wide clothes, and you won’t fail! And if you want to hide some flaws, choose to wear casual skirts instead of pencil skirts with short jackets.

4. Clothes that “choke” your waist
Avoid clothes that emphasize your waist with different cuts and stitches, if you don’t have a tiny waist anymore. It’s better to wear belts that create the illusion of a thin and feminine waist. This trick works very well even for ladies with some extra pounds.

5. Beware of shiny and sparkling accessories
Pearls are the best accessories for women over 40 and 50. These can be worn to any event if you match them tastefully. Pay attention instead to quantity and size! Too much, sometimes is too much!

Image Credits: Betterafter50

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