Awful Style Mistakes That Will Give Your The Thumbs Down Look

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Certain clothing items (bulky sweaters, too big coats, large collars) can be a big loss for your image by adding some extra pounds to your silhouette. Not to mention that it will make you look like an old fashioned frumpy lady. And if your image counts, and it should count because this is the era when the first impression is the way you look, then you should consider the following style mistakes, and try as much as you can not to make it anymore.

1. Tight clothes, molded on your body
It’s true, on a flawless silhouette they look good, but most of the time they highlight your flaws instead of hiding them, and you might look exactly like the Michelin logo. So, if you are a fan of tight clothes, this is not enough to put you in a great position.

2. Wide clothes
And you’ll say now, not tight or wide then what should I wear? Well, you should balance these two things, because wide clothes will make you look bigger, and you can avoid this by combining wide with tight. So, if you choose a wide top wear skinny pants, and vice versa.

3. Wearing loose dresses
This can be one of the biggest mistakes you can make. This type of dress gives a pear-shaped body, and even if you have an hourglass or apple shape body, this can be a big disadvantage for you. If you still want to wear this dress pattern then add a belt in your waist to make you look feminine.

4. The right bra
Choosing to wear the right bra for your beasts will make you silhouette look impeccable. So, highlight the narrow part below your breasts, and choose the right bra and the perfect top.

5. Manly style adopted by women
They can be the perfect outfit, most of the time, but adopting a head-to-toe manly outfit, it’s so wrong. Besides that it will make you less feminine, it will add some extra pounds to your silhouette. You can wear boyfriend jeans, but not your boyfriend’s, and the wrong jacket with the wrong shoulders will give you a thumbs down look.

6. Wearing too much clothing items
Yes, this can be the best solution for many of us, but the wrong combination can bring volume to your body. And who would want that? Like I said above, create a balance to your body.

7. Prints, prints and more prints
The wrong prints can put you in the wrong place, making you look like very trashy. Pants, for example, with small prints matched with a blouse with wide prints…wrong combination ever!

8. Footwear
Shoes can do magic if we wear them right. Platforms should be matched carefully with your clothes, and gladiator sandals don’t look great on a thick leg.

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