Fashion Tips: How To Dress To Hide Your Love Handles

Love handles can be a huge complex for most of women, and it’s true that you can’t get rid of them overnight. But, at least you can hide them under your clothes, if you learn how to dress properly.

Below are some clothing tips to hide your love handles:

Don’t wear tight blouses – always choose blouses with a cut that follows your body line. Loose shirts and blouses are also suitable for your, but never molded!

Create an elongated silhouette using vertical stripes – whether you choose to wear a poncho over a blouse, a wrap, a vest, or even a big scarf, try to elongate visually your silhouette. This way, your love handles won’t be visible.

Proper clothing combinations – wear leggings and long shirts, because outfits composed from leggings or skinny jeans and long shirts, that cover your butt, are ideal for women that are trying to hide their love handles.

Avoid wearing belts – whether you’re wearing dresses or blouses, don’t wear them with a belt in your waist. These will emphasize even more the love handles, and I’m sure that’s not what you want.

Wear blouses over the pants line – you should never stiff your blouses in your pants. This will highlight the area you want to hide.

Wear blouses with asymmetrical cuts – blouses with one side cuts or longer in one side will distract the attention from your flaws.

Wear high-waist pants – all your pants and jeans must be high-waist. This way, you’ll hide your belly very well.

Dark color clothes should be your ally – you already know that dark clothes can get you rid of some extra pounds, visually. So choose clothes in shades of black, dark blue, burgundy, brown or even dark gray. This will make you look thinner with a few pounds, effortless.

Push-up bra – this type of bra make your breasts look bigger by drawing attention to them. So, your waist won’t be “interesting” anymore.

Choose wisely your accessories – oversized necklaces balance a silhouette with flaws below the bust area. Wear such necklaces to draw attention, and your love handles will go unnoticed. Also, oversized bags have the same effect. But, if you are petite, it’s better not to wear them.

Layered outfit – this is the best way to hide your love handles and create the desired silhouette. For example, wear a sleeveless shirt with thin straps, and add a loose blouse over it. Thus, your waist will be well hidden.

Wearing draped blouses or dresses – draped clothing items covers your small imperfections, such as love handles, making them your favorite items from your closet.

Image Credits: Thehealthsite

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