Haircut Mistakes That Make You Look Older

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After certain age, all women want to look younger than they really are, and this is actually possible if you try different fashion and styling tips. Also, you have to highlight your strengths, and hide your flaws to wipe some years of your look. But there are a number of mistakes that have the opposite effect: it adds a few years to your face.

To change your look is a first step you can do, but it must be in a positive way. So, you should avoid the following mistakes if you don’t want your hairstyle to make you look older.
Long hair makes you look older than you really are, by adding a few extra years on your face after you’ve turn 35 years old. So, you can choose a medium or even short haircut that will make your face look joyful, and giving you a fresh look. If you can’t give up to your hair length, be careful not to choose a layered haircut, because it will make you look old.

You don’t change your hairstyle or haircut? Well, this is a mistake that makes you older. From time to time, you have to be bold to change your look. Frequent haircut changes will give you a fresh and youthful appearance.
Choosing an inappropriate hair color can have an aging effect. Very dark, harsh colors age you! The color should be chosen according to your skin tone, but specialists claim that, after a certain age, it is advisable to choose a shade with 2 lighter tones. A quick and youthful effect has blonde hair strands.

As for the parting, the one in the middle of your head, you’ll make you look more mature, while one side parting will make you look too serious. Ideally it would be to choose a messy parting with a bang.

A little volume is always welcome whenever it comes to hairstyles, but excess volume can have an aging effect. Teased hair should be avoided if you’re not 20 years old, because it won’t make you look pretty. This hairstyle it will sabotage your age. Natural volume will benefit you.

Damaged hair can add a few more years to your appearance. A neat hair is a healthy hair, and a healthy hair is a beautiful hair. Pay more attention to your beauty routine, moisturize your intense hair and don’t forget to cut your split ends, regularly.

Wedding hairstyles worn daily also have an unwanted effect, making you look older than you really are. Too much hairspray in your hairstyle will make you look like a granny, even if it’s stylish. Choose a natural, messy look to wipe some years off.

Braids are associated with youth, it’s true, but if you’re not a school girl anymore, don’t braid your hair like one. The look you’ll get won’t be the one you want.

Image Credits: Hairfinder

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