6 Style Mistakes That Make You Look Shorter

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Every woman want to be elegant, but unfortunately not all fashion trends fits perfectly to your height. If you want to be trendy, you have to take in account all tips according to your body type and height. And being petite is as hard as being a plus size: you never find trendy clothes on your size. Avoid the following style mistakes if you want to look taller.

1. Choose the right shoes and accessories
The easiest way to look taller is to wear high heels. Shoes color is also important if you are a petite lady. Footwear in neutral colors elongates visually your legs, while black shoes makes the legs look shorter. Also, you should avoid wearing chokers because it will make your neck look thick and your body short.

2. Be careful about striped prints
You shouldn’t wear fashionable striped clothes without a careful analysis. Horizontal stripes can add volume, but matching them with a pencil skirt will make you look shorter. A striped top combined with a monotone midi skirt will make you look taller.

3. Choose jeans and bags according to the height
If you are petite and you wear ankle jeans, well, you will look even shorter. This type of jeans should be worn with a pair of high heels and a top. Petite women should fall in love with high waist jeans, because they make you look taller. Also, you should pay attention to the size of the bag. The best choice for small ladies is small bags, approximately 4 inches. Big bags will make you look like you’re going on a trip.

4. Palazzo pants
Palazzo pants are a great way to hide high heels or platform shoes and make your legs longer. Try to choose pants in a warm color. Avoid wearing a crop top, and choose to wear a sweater or a blouse with a thin belt in your waist. Also, you can stiff the blouse in your pants.

5. Don’t ignore pencil skirts
The pencil skirt can make you look taller and slimmer. Matching them with a white shirt or blouse, you’ll achieve the perfect height.

6. Wear long-sleeved short dresses
A short dress has an interesting design fits perfectly to any type of silhouette. The perfect sleeve for short girls is ¾. Also, if you add in your waist a thin belt, you’ll look taller.

Tip: single color outfits are perfect to add a few inches to your height.

Image Credits: Fustany

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