How To Wear Metallic Skirt Without Looking Ridiculous

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This year, the metallic skirt is an eye-catching clothing item. It’s worn successfully by fashion bloggers, but if you don’t match it correctly you’ll look exactly like an old fortune teller. And I’m sure that you don’t like to achieve that title.

The fact is that wearing this outstanding clothing item, it’s quite simple.
A metallic skirt will fit perfectly with a white T-shirt, nude flats or sneakers. Definitely NOT with heels! You can accessorize your metallic outfit with two or three long and thin necklaces.

On the other hand, metallic pants can be worn with an exquisite pair of heels, and you could wear the same white T-shirt or a black one. Also a white shirt will be perfect. Avoid sleeveless T-shirts or blouses with complicated print.

A metallic clothing piece should be worn with simple clothing items.

Keep it simple!

Image Credits: Elle

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