How To Wear High-Waist Pants Like A True Fashion Blogger

Well, yes! If you’ll get used with the idea of wearing high waist pants, your body figure will have a lot of bonuses and plenty things to gain, because you’ll create a long-legs effect. And who doesn’t like to have long and beautiful legs? And you should give up the idea that high waist pants are so 2000 and late.

Below you’ll have a list of high waist pants patterns that will make you look like a catwalk model.

Important tip! If you have a big bust, I regret to tell you that high waist pants aren’t the best option for you…but if you are at the opposite pole, with small bust then you have to read the full article because it’s for you!

Obviously, I’ll start with super slim pants that you can’t even imagine how great they look with high waist. They will look amazing on you if you wear them with a white tetra sleeveless T-shit and a pair of shiny leather heels. Choose a simple haircut (a pony tail for example) because it will elongate visually your neck, and wear big bracelets like accessories and a clutch on a strong color.

If you are a hippie style fan, you can wear flared jeans with high waist. Match them with a light-colored cotton T-shirt with a funny print and a pair of platform sandals. For a personal print you can add to this outfit you can wear some necklace strings and a classic purse. The makeup should be natural and your hair as well.

And the last suggestion of high waist pants would be that type of pants inspired from the masculine style, with a straight cut. You should keep a classic line by matching them with a white shirt and a wide belt around your waist. Also, you should opt for a pair high heeled shoes or oxford shoes. Quit wearing jewelry to achieve a minimalist look because the high waist and the belt have enough personality.

I hope (for your own good) that you’ve got the card for the high-waist pants fan club!

Image Credits: Stylepantry

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