5 Bras Every Woman Should Have In Her Closet

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To wear or not to wear a bra? This is the question. If you are a shy woman and boldness is not your strength, below are 5 types of bra that can save the day when you want to wear a backless dress.

Saving and invisible bras:

1. Strapless bras

Strapless bra is the star of this category, becoming on top of any woman choices when they want to wear a backless blouse or dress. Moreover, this type of bra has removable straps, so when in need, you’ll have straps.

2. Crinera bras

If the back of your dress has X shape model, then you’ll be saved by this type of bra. Either you adjust the bra mentioned above, by crossing your straps, whether you buy one perfect for this kind of outfit.

3. Plunge bra

For a dress with a deep front neckline there’s a perfect bra, and due to its shape you won’t have problems hiding it. This will fit perfectly on your dress neckline, because has a deep cut in the sternum line.

4. Silicone wing bra

The adhesive bra is most often represented by two nude cups, a silicone-related material, discreetly stuck together at the middle. These cups stick perfectly on your breasts creating an aesthetic effect.

5. Lift up tape bra

This is a solution not a bra. There are two thin adhesive tapes, designed in the shape of a tear or pear, like breast’s configuration. The only thing is that this type of bra can be used only by small breasted women.

Image Credits: Ebay

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