Style Tips For Tall Guys: How To Dress If You Are A Tall Guy?

Tall men have no problem in reaching to top shelf in stores, but when it comes to style, they face with a lot of issues. Thus, the pants may be too short, the coats too tight, and the shoes may get tightened.
However, if you are among tall men, you should be proud and also very stylish, because we found the best solution for you.

The biggest challenges
Designers say that if you are very tall and you go shopping, everything that may catch your eye won’t fit you because your body type is different. Most of clothing items are designed for medium height men or small men, making their life easier when they go shopping, and yours worse. Pants can be too small or too large in certain areas or jackets to tight.

Another rule is to trust yourself and in your look, this way you’ll feel comfortable wearing your outfit.

Visiting a tailor is mandatory!
And this rule should apply to everyone. There are clothing stores for taller persons, but a tailor will always sew your clothes for your body type. And if you are tall and your daily outfit is suit and tie, you should definitely have your personal skillful tailor.

Should you stay away from light colors?
If you’re tall, this doesn’t mean that you should adopt a conservatory style. You can dress the way you want and wear whatever you want, but you should be subtle. Also, even if vertical stripes are for small people, you can try wearing them, too, and the same thing is available for light shaded colors. This myth, that tall men aren’t allowed wearing different colors or vertical stripes, should disappear. Attitude and self-confidence is the best weapon for any tall men outfit.

Shoes for those with big feet
Tall men usually have big feet because it has to support their body. And choosing a pair of shoes can give you headaches. Not to mention a stylish pair of shoes. So, you can custom made you shoes just like your suits. And I’m sure that your feet won’t hurt and you won’t face with problems. It might be a bit expensive but they will be created according to your taste and size.

Image Credits: Parisiangentleman

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