Men’s Style Guide: How To Match Your Socks To Your Outfit

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Details always make a big difference, in all life aspects, and also in creating an outfit. Socks, for example, are in important detail in every man’s outfit, especially when they are wearing a suit and tie, and it shouldn’t be neglected. This “tiny” accessory can highlight you in a positive way or in negative way, depending on what you’ve chosen to wear. You have various options to match your socks, depending on their texture, colors and shape to reflect your personality and to complete your outfit in a stylish way.

Matching rules are just as important for both ladies and gents. Color matches or textures should reflect good taste, not the personality of the one who’s wearing them. Since the variety for male accessory is not so big, socks become an important clothing item for a man’s attire. Therefore, the rules are much stricter for gentlemen. You can’t just limit yourself to match your shirt and tie, because matching your socks and pants are as important as matching your shirt, tie and pocket square.

Rules of good behavior
The first rule every man should note down, is that socks must be chosen in the same color as pants shade, and not in the same color as the shoes.

White pants are an exception of this rule, where you should choose a close shade as your shoes.

White socks should be worn only in sports outfit, when the entire outfit is white or in a light shade.

When it comes to shorts, the situation changes, and you should wear ankle socks in the same shade as your shoes.

The fact is that you can use another color to your socks, but you’ll create a high contrast, and this is recommended only for non-conformist persons. The results can be stylish, or not. In such situation attitude is all that counts.

A pair of socks with a distinctive texture and thicker fabric must be accompanied by a similar pair of pants, as tweed, wool or denim selvedge and seasonal boots. For elegant or minimalist shoes, you should wear only thin, lightweight, fine-textured socks.

Almost everyone knows that one of socks matching rules prohibits their wearing with sandals, even if nowadays fashion contradicts this. We’ve seen on catwalks all sort of awkward clothing combinations, but you shouldn’t “try this at home”, because people around you might get “blind”.

Image Credits: Mystyleproject

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