How To Be Fashionable This Spring On A Budget?

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This spring, you can stylish without being necessary to empty your bank account. The following outfit suggestions are easy to match in different clothing combinations. And as a bonus, you’ll be surprised that these clothing items are already in your closet. You just need to match them properly and say goodbye to boring clothes.
How to dress up in spring to be fashionable, on a budget!

Jeans, T-shirt and Jacket
This clothing combination is perfect to wear at work (if you don’t have a mandatory dress code) or if you want to go out with your friends. The pattern jacket offers you elegancy and sobriety and it will keep you warm, in those cool spring evenings.

Cut Jeans and Sexy Tunic
If it’s warm outside, you can wear this outfit to highlight the beauty of your shoulders. Let your hair loose, and you’ll catch everyone’s attention. And I’m sure you already have a pair of cut jeans in your closet, you need just to buy the tunic. You can add platforms in your feet and a small bag for a special spring effect.

Tunic dress
Choose absolute freedom with this simple, yet elegant and comfortable fit. Tunic style dress is in great demand this spring, especially if you can find one with special embroidery. Complete your outfit with a pair of suede boots and a shoulder bag in the same shade as the boots.

Simple jersey and striped trousers
If you are a fan of feeling comfortable, you can choose this successful combination of a plain white t-shirt and long striped pants.

This pattern will highlight you because vertical stripes will thin your legs and will make you look taller.
Choose a small clutch and a pair of comfortable, high-heeled sandals.

Jeans Skirt and Shirt
If you are a fan of jeans skirts, here is good news for you! They are very fashionable this spring. Choose a pattern with buttons on front and a white T-shirt. You’ll feel comfortable and if you don’t have this outfit in your closet, I’m pretty sure that you won’t spend a fortune on it.

Leggings with T-shirt and plaid shirt
This casual-sporty style is still trendy, and you can wear it this spring!
Choose a pair of leggings (can be jeans leggings, too) with a slightly longer shirt. To protect yourself from cool days, you can wear a plaid shirt over it. Also you can roll your sleeves and wear some accessories, like a lot of bracelets. Complete this outfit with a pair of leather boots.

Long skirt and sweater
An unparalleled combination of elegance and comfort!
Wear a long, pleated skirt made from vaporous fabric, with a long sweater or thick blouse. Don’t hesitate to match an oversized clutch and a pair of elegant, high-heeled boots or shoes.

It good to dare sometimes!

Here’s how you need to dress this spring so you can be fashionable without spending a lot of money. Choose the outfit that suits you or try multiple clothing combinations. Surely you already have some matching pieces in the closet!

Image Credits: Germmagazine

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