Gents Guide: How To Match Perfectly A Shirt And Tie?

Every stylish man has in his closet a lot of ties and shirts, each one with a different style. But it’s very important to know how to match them properly to achieve that glamorous and stylish look, and also correct from fashion’s point of view.

Matching a shirt and tie should be very careful done, otherwise you’ll look ridiculous. Below you’ll find out how to match properly your shirt and tie, and never mistake again.

Matching solid colors is very easy, but it’s much more interesting to match different types of fabrics and patterns to add a personal touch to your outfit. And I’m not talking about perfect outfit matching…you just have to be careful not to become an “optical illusion”.

So, you should consider the following rules:

1. First of all you should choose your shirt. After you’ve chosen its color you can choose a tie with an appropriate color in its print.

Best matches:
Checked shirt with plaid tie or checked shirt with wide stripes tie

Stripes shirt with oblique stripes tie or thin stripes with polka dots tie

Tip: the tie should be in a darker color than the color of the shirt.

2. The collar and the tie should be perfectly arranged. Also, you should pay attention in matching small and big patterns, to complete visually the image.

Risky matches:

Madras checked shirt with army print tie or polka dots shirt with plaid tie

Madras checked shirt with wide stripes tie or stripes shirt with oblique stripes tie

Tip: avoid matching patterns in the same proportions.

Tips and tricks:

The dimple: it’s a small dimple below the tie nod. The key is to be imperfect – this detail will get you out of the crowd.
Proportions: the collar size should be direct proportionally with tie size, and at the same should match with suit’s lapel.
Length: the tie should reach the belt area. And this is an important rule!

Be one of a kind:

Leaving fashion rules behind, being original is very important. A tie with graphic symbols can offer a stylish and charming look.

Image Credits: Frenchcrown

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