4 Gorgeous Swimsuits That Make You Look Flawless And Thinner

Summer is around the corner and we hardly wait lying on the beach and our only concern to be: “hmm, what drink should I order?” or “what swimsuit should I wear tomorrow?” of course, we can’t help you with the first question but with the second one, we have some incredible suggestions to look like o goddess on the beach. If you don’t have an hourglass body shape, I’m sure that you want to know which are the swimsuits that hide your flaws, or the ones that shape perfectly your body.

1. One-piece swimsuit with a deep neckline

Did you know that V-neckline swimsuits makes your look thinner and emphasizes your waistline, creating the illusion of a slim body shape? Such a swimsuit will draw attention over the upper part of your body, and you’ll no longer have to worry that everybody looks at your wide hips.

Tip: choose such a swimsuit only if you have a small or medium bust.

2. Thick bra straps

The thicker the straps are, the better, because your shoulders will look smaller. This rule applies also to your daily outfits, but especially with the swimsuit bras. A swimsuit with thick straps offers an incredible support to your bust and harmonizes your whole silhouette.

3. High-waist panties

High-waist swimsuit panties, with retro prints, are the “life preserver” for women that want to hide their tummy and wide hips. This model creates the illusion of a slim waist and elongates visually your legs, making you look thinner. The advantage of high-waist panties is that it looks flawless on any figure.

Tip: if you have a pear body shape, choose to wear a dark shade panty and a colorful bra to draw attention from your wide hips.

4. Focus on your waist

A swimsuit with cuts or creases in the waist area will always create the illusion of a perfectly balanced body, like the hourglass type. The good news is that you shouldn’t be afraid of bright colors or bold prints if you choose to wear a swimsuit with details around your waist. The great cut will “sculpt” perfectly your body, making you feel like a goddess!

Image Credits: Swimsuitsforall

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