How To Wear Leggings. Fashion Tricks And Style Mistakes

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A few years ago, the city streets were studded of women with leggings, colorful or not, but now you rarely see a fashionista wearing a pair. However, some of us can hardly give up the comfort that leggings offer us, and how they shape our silhouette. It matters, however, how we wear them, and for you, leggings lovers, we have some practical tips for wearing leggings in 2017.

Lately, tights were considered old-fashioned and they were left in a corner of the closet. Although, I think we shouldn’t give up to our favorite clothing item just because designers say so.

First of all, leggings show all flaws of our body. Don’t wear leggings if you don’t have a harmonious silhouette, and even then, I suggest wearing them with a long shirt. A crochet sweater is an excellent option in winter. As longer and thicker the sweater is the better. A pair of leggings and an oversized sweater is the definition of comfortable.

As well you can wear leggings with a short sweater over a long and white shirt. For a feminine look, wear them with shirt type or bag type dresses, or A-cut dresses or pleated skirt.

Also, a pair of Chelsea boots will give a modern tint to your outfit. And a pair of overknee boots, with or without a heel, will customize quickly your outfit. Wear a denim shirt with an oversized sweated over, and you’ll gain instantly an urban look. Add a denim shirt on oversized sweater and your outfit will instantly gain an urban look. A wide-brimmed hat will complete your outfit with style.

As a top layer, choose a longer jacket. Drawstring waist coats are very trendy this season. Their bath wrap cut successfully completes leggings comfort. Not to mention that it will keep you warm on a windy day or in winter.

It matters, of course, the fabric leggings are made of. Always choose thick fabric leggings. Also, leather leggings are great! They give nice look to any outfit! Choose solid and dark colors. Stay away from colorful leggings or with psychedelic prints unless you create an outfit for a music festival.

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