5 Fashion Tricks For A Perfect Layering

There are no set rules when it comes to personal style. Everything begins and ends with self-confidence, but there are some tricks that can help you start.

To become a master in layering it can be a goal worth following. Not only that you’ll create fashionable outfits, but it’s a comfortable and cozy way that keeps you warm in winter.

1. First step: color
Always start with a certain color and keep it in the same family color. If you want to wear neutral items in layers, stick to neutral shades. If you wear “precious” shades stick to them. It’s a great rule that you should keep in mind when you are in doubt.

2. The proportions are the key
A general rule when you wear jackets is that the hem shouldn’t be, with too much, below the dress, unless it’s about a long coat.

3. Have fun with different prints
Match prints of different sizes – for example: a large leopard print with a small one – or prints of the same size, but in reversed colors. The easiest way is to match stripes, polka dots and plaids together. But remember one thing – keep a common element between these prints such as color. This way, your outfit will look stylish, not chaotic.

4. Combine items of different textures
Textures are very important and make sure you have at least two different textures in one outfit. Wear something easy with something hard, like silk and cashmere, but not wearing thick and wide clothes together.

5. Don’t be afraid to wear several jackets
Jackets are not necessarily the last layer. You can wear several jackets together, but make sure they are different sizes and textures. An arched denim jacket under a male coat or a cape worn over a leather jacket, are two very simple ideas for a chic winter look. Don’t hesitate to match jackets – when the jacket becomes a “blouse” your outfit takes on new dimensions.

Image Credits: Pinterest

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