12 Style Mistakes That Make You Look Dowdy

You may have the perfect makeup and hairstyle, but you can mistake in choosing your outfit. And this way you may look a bit frumpy. But try to avoid these mistakes with some useful tips in choosing the right outfit.

1. Inappropriate clothes
If you wear loose clothes, they can make you look fatter. Small clothes will show the belly you are trying to hide. Never, but never buy some clothing item thinking that if you lose or gain weight it will look perfectly on you. Live the moment and create the perfect image NOW. If the size label bothers you, you can cut it or cover it with a marker.

2. Wrinkled clothes
That gorgeous dress you have in the closet or that beautiful suit won’t make you look beautiful if it’s not ironed. You can avoid this – I want to say awful, because it is – mistake by purchasing clothes that don’t wrinkle or iron them every time.

3. Two seasons in the same outfit
Your clothing items will contradict each other. Keep a single season trends to look impeccable.

4. Bra and panties on sight
We have to wear underwear but when you can see it through your clothes, well there must be a problem. You clothes are too small for your body size, and you may look like Michelin logo. Keep you bra straps out of everyone’s sight, and if your pants have low waist, then you r panties should, too.

5. Too much white
White makes you look fatter, so you have to limit this color. I’m sure you don’t want to wear white leggings or pants if you want to hide your cellulite. You can wear a white scarf, instead.

6. Short dress or skirt
First of all, you have to feel comfortable in your clothes, without concerning every time you take a sit, that some area of your body can be revealed.

7. Too many colors at once
This choice will make you look indecisive. You have to wear from one to three colors at the same time. Or you may look like Paulie – the parrot.

8. Too many prints
Don’t try to mix and fit prints. Some prints don’t look good on anyone. But if prints look good on you wear them only on one side of your body: a printed blouse or printed pants.

9. Dark clothes with light shoes
Or vice versa! Keep the same family color. White and black match with anything but don’t make the mistake of matching bright with dark colors.

10. Fake shoulders
This trend appeared and disappeared in the ’80s. If you wear fake shoulders, make sure they are thin and discreet.

11. Peep toe shoes and frumpy toenails
If you want to show your feet you should get yourself a pedicure. Don’t think that people won’t look at your feet toenails.

12. Worn-out shoes
Why ruin your image? If your favorite pair of shoes is too worn-out, don’t wear them on special occasions. Or don’t wear them at all!

Image Credits: Beautyramp

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