The Perfect Skirts For Apple-Shaped Body

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Women with apple-shaped figure have narrow hips and the upper side of the body very big. They gain weight in the abdomen and waist area, and they should focus to lose weight in this part of the body. And this is the hardest job! When it comes to clothing tricks, women with apple-shaped body should emphasize the hips area and to distract the attention from the waist. They shouldn’t wear medium waist pants or skirts because they will only emphasize the area with problems.

First of all you should avoid tight and long skirts, and choose to wear skirts that make your hips look more voluptuous, to balance your body proportions. Wear clothing items with very high waist or very low waist. Straight cuts are “forbidden” for apple-shaped figure.

A-shaped skirts

Image Credits: Instagram/Tatyanagates and Image Credits: Instagram/spendmymoney

A skirt is perfect for any body type, especially for the apple-shaped figure, because it makes your waist and hips to look thinner due to its cut. You can choose the above the knee skirt or below the knee. Both are great for your body!

Tulip skirts

Image Credits: Instagram/stefmakes

These skirts add volume in the hips and posterior area, and can be worn both at formal and casual occasions. These are the perfect skirts for the apple-shaped figure being among the only tight items that highlights your body shape.

Schoolgirl pleated skirt

Image Credits: Instagram/shop-alienz and Image Credits: Instagram/tuaocuachieu

If you want to try the schoolgirl type of outfit, find out that an apple-shaped figure can wear successfully the short schoolgirl pleated skirt, because they give volume to the hips area without making you look with some extra pounds. You can wear it with wide shirts or sweaters. The best footwear for this type of skirt is: long boots, oxford shoes with high socks or rock star boots.

Asymmetrical skirts

Image Credits: Instagram/modameumodo and Image Credits: Anna-doody

Although it’s hard to find an asymmetrical skirt easy to match, most of them being quite demanding. But there’s a skirt that suits perfectly for the apple-shaped figure: the skirt with train. They are shorter in front and longer in back, emphasizing your beautiful legs. Depending on the chosen model, they can provide enough volume to balance your silhouette.

These are the best skirts which women with an apple-shaped body should have in their closets, to look like a diva!

Image Credits: Pinterest

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