12 Fashion Tricks To Hide Your Belly Fat

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How would life be without a big bowl of ice cream, served in front of the T.V., watching your favorite T.V. series? Or without those delicious chocolate donuts! These small pleasures make our life beautiful, but without sports and a healthy diet, we must admit that all the delicious junk food is seen on our body! Most of the times, around our waistline, creating that unsightly belly fat! And if you are a sedentary person but still want to look good, you can cheat using the proper fashion tricks to hide that belly fat. Below are the best fashion tricks to look with some extra pounds less. The only thing left is to live a beautiful life…and cheat it from time to time!

1. Learn to draw attention!

You’re dealing with a few extra pounds around your waistline, but you have nice legs? Then draw attention, visually, from the area you want to hide to the area you’re proud of. So, high heels and a deep cleft on your leg will work like magic!

2. Wear dark shades!

You must become a master when it comes to colors: light shades increase visually, and dark shades, shrink visually. A black and comfortable dress with a relaxed cut will hide any culinary sin you’ve made.

3. Call to saving details!

Tight dresses, bodycon are not for you, when you want to hide that belly fat! But there are some details that can help you: a dress with fringes, even if it seems tight, can hide those extra pounds by drawing the attention over the fringes.

4. V neckline power!

Your goal is to “banish” everyone’s eyes from the belly line. The dress above, with V-neckline, elongates and shrinks visually, by drawing the attention over your qualities.

5. Romantic ruffles to hide your belly!

Another fashion trick to hide your belly fat, are rich tops with detailed upper cuttings and ruffles. They work just like V-neckline being very fashionable this period.

6. A long and casual dress is your precious secret!

You can hide your belly with this type of dress, and it will make you feel confident! Even if it’s yellow!

7. Turn to solid and structured textures!

The opposite of tight bodycon dress is heavy fabrics with structured cuts that hide your belly very well. A white lace double dress will do magic over your body! Wool, linen and heavy cotton are the perfect choices for you.

8. High-waist wide pants – the clothing item belly fat hates!

The belly that wants to get out has the most fearful enemy: high waist pants with flared cut. This pattern has miraculous effects for your silhouette: makes you taller, thinner and hides any flaw.

9. Statement jewelries, your precious ally!

A massive necklace with large stones will draw attention over your upper body, hiding your belly. Success is guaranteed!

10. Bare shoulders, belly hidden!

Bare shoulders top with loose cut will unveil gracefully your shoulders, drawing attention over the upper side of your body. And you don’t need to worry about those extra pounds!

11. Draped dress, the essence of graceful femininity!

It’s no wonder that ancient Greek goddesses were seen as femininity symbols! Draped dresses create a flawless, graceful and thin silhouette, and the junk food you’ve eaten last night won’t be seen. And tunic dress, a pattern from ancient times, still has magical powers!

12. Layering laws versus belly fat!

Perhaps a tight-fitting blouse is good just to show your extra pounds, but layering have exact the opposite effect. Wear structured jackets with a blazer and an oversize cut and you’ll look amazing!

Image Credits: Pinterest

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