What Shoes You Should Wear According To Your Toes Shape

A study shows that you can tell what your origins are depending on your toes shape.

But, according to your toes shape, you can choose the perfect shoes. This way you’ll prevent calluses, corns and cracked heels.

So if your toes are Roman, Germanic and Celtic the best shoes for you are those with rounded tip, because they don’t put pressure over your toes bones. And this way the risk of corns is reduced. Another option is to use square tip shoes, and the worst option at all is sharp tip shoes. They crush your toes and the pain will be unbearable.

Greek toe shape is the most difficult from all toe shapes when it comes in choosing your footwear. You have to select your shoes depending on the length of the second finger. Instead, you can wear any type of shoes, including those with sharp tip, as long as your toes aren’t gathered together. Otherwise they will cause you pain.

The Egyptian toes are the most permissive in terms of choosing your footwear, because you can wear anything you like.

Image Credits: Reference

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