Red Allert: How To Look Fabulous During Hot Weather

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Because even the coolest outfit is completely ruined when you start sweating, here’s what you should wear during the hot weather:

>> Perhaps you tend to wear clothes that cover a small part of your body during hot weather, but take the example of those who live in the desert and cover yourself instead with long and loose clothes made of cotton or veil. This way you avoid sunburnt and UV rays.

>> Avoid wearing synthetic fabrics because it won’t let your skin breathe. Instead wear cotton, flax or silk are the best.

>> If it’s possible, choose to wear dresses or skirts because they are very ethereal.

>> Clothes with holes or cutouts are not only ethereal, but also stylish.

>> Kimono shirts are the perfect choice.

>> Avoid tight clothes and focus instead on wide cuts – a pair of culottes will be cool and comfortable than a pair of jeans for instance.

>> Make sure you protect yourself from the sun with a hat or, why not, with an ultra-chic turban.

>> If you spend most of your time in rooms with A.C., choose clothes made of fine and thin fabrics.

>> Avoid wearing tight shoes. Excessive heat will make your legs swollen making them uncomfortable.

>> Make sure you wear sunscreen cream even beneath clothing – sunlight penetrates fabrics, especially if they are thin. In addition, you don’t want an ugly bronze with brace or straps traces or other strange signs.

>> Avoid wearing clothes with metal applications that touches the skin. Sweat can cause metal to fade.

>> The same advice is with accessories. So, during hot weather, it’s inevitable to sweat profusely and you better choose a pair of earrings or a spectacular headband rather than a necklace or rings.

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