For The Love of Shoes: How To Take Care of Your Shoes

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If you’ve ever fallen in love hopelessly with a pair of shoes, you know that when they deteriorate is comparable to a Greek tragedy. That’s why all your shoes must look like new as long as possible, not to say that a neat pair of shoes look more refined.

Here are some tips to take care of your shoes and to wear them as long as possible:

>> Deposit every pair of shoes in a single pack and if you plan to sit on top of each other, arrange them according to their weight to avoid them to deform.

>> When you’re traveling, store your shoes in special textile bags (usually you get them when you buy your shoes) and be careful not to place something heavy over them.

>> Wearing shoes by rotation (never wear 2 days in a row the same pair of shoes) to prevent premature degradation.

>> Take care of your shoes with a special solution for the fabric they are made of (natural leather needs moisturizing and brilliance, suede needs a special brush to be cleaned and fabric needs a cleaning solution). You can find leather care products and cleaning products in professional shops, where you can also get advices in what concern their use.

>> Clean your shoes after you wear them and don’t wait for the dust, or snow and rain traces of snow to become visible. Make sure to clean not only the surface but also the heel, sole and the interior.

>> If it happens to wet a pair of shoes that shouldn’t come into contact with water, don’t dry them and let them dry naturally. And don’t place them near a heat source!

>> Replace periodically the heeltaps and the sole should also be replaced if it was excessively worn.

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