How To Wear A Dress ?

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If you decided to give up pants for a while and you’re not exactly a dress type of women, we have some tips for you to avoid problems that occur when you wear a dress.

Before you leave the house, bend over
This way you’ll find the length of your dress, if it’s short or long. Use a large mirror, turn your back and bend down to see if your dress is too short. You’ll lose 5 seconds but you’ll avoid embarrassing moments.

If you are prudish, if it’s windy outside and the dress you’ve decided to wear is a little too short, think about the possibility of wearing a pair of tight panties under your dress.

Keep your legs together!
When you get out of the car, remember to keep your feet together.

Bags raise your dress
Choose carefully the bag you want to wear because it may raise your dress. Large cross bags or big bags tend to adhere to the dress fabric and raised it up.

On hot days to wear a dress can be a noisy challenging. I mean that sweat and two sticky legs can make music together. You can prevent this problem by using a deodorant on the inner thighs.

Check when you leave the toilet!
Sometimes dresses cling stubbornly to their underwear, so avoid the unpleasant situations and check twice before you leave the toilet.

Beware the stairs!
When you going upstairs gather your dress with your hand along the body, so nobody will be able to see what color your underwear is.

Pull down your dress!
Wherever you sit, make sure to pull down your dress edges, not to sit directly on the chair. This way you’ll prevent creasing and the unpleasant feeling of standing directly with your legs on the chair.

Raise well your dress!
When you go to the toilet be careful to gather well your dress not to reach the toilet.

Bend over carefully!
When you wear a dress, make sure to bend over with your knees bent. It will save you from unpleasant moments.

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