See The Most Popular Sunglasses For 2016

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Summer 2016 means sunglasses that express your personality. Aviator sunglasses or Audrey Hepburn style are out of style. Sunglasses have to highlight your personality.

Sunglasses can complete an outfit or it can break it, so be careful how you match this summer accessory. Invest in several pairs of glasses because one pair can be hard to match and you’ll get bored of it. You can’t wear the same pair of glasses at the beach or in the office, right?

I’ve gathered a list of the most popular sunglasses for summer 2016.

Rose gold lenses sunglasses
If last year were worn sunglasses with blue lenses, this year is wearing a feminine and easy to match color: pink gold.

Cat eyes sunglasses
This type of sunglasses will always be popular. In addition, everyone can wear them and are easy to match both at the beach and at the office.

Round sunglasses
Boho outfits must be matched with this type of round lens a la Beatles.

Sunglasses with geometrical lenses
Straight lenses geometrical shaped are extremely appealing and certainly will stand out in any circumstance.

Funny sunglasses
For a pool party or a day at the beach, try funny lips lenses, pineapple or heart lenses. If the lenses are colored it’s even better.

Mirror sunglasses
Colored lenses which reflect the sky and blue sea are perfect for those who want to stand out hiding his eyes.

Transparent frames
If you are already tanned, choose a pair of sunglasses with transparent frames. They are chic and it will highlight coppery skin.

Square sunglasses
This type of glasses can be worn with confidence by girls with oval or round faces. In 2016 large square lenses are worn.

Sunglasses without nose bridges
It won’t appear like you come from a S.F. movie if you choose to wear these sunglasses. They will bring a touch of originality to any chosen outfit.

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