6 Retro Clothing Items Back In Fashion

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Fashion changes from one season to another, and if you want to be trendy this summer, you can sneak a peek in your mother’s closet. See what retro clothing pieces came back in fashion.

Tiny bag
Tiny bag is one of the most popular trends this season. Even if it’s not very “roomy” be sure that you’ll look like a true fashionista when you wear it. It’s suitable for both casual and elegant outfits, so this is another reason to invest in such an accessory.

Kitten heels
Kitten heels are very comfortable and you’ll have a chic air. They are suited for office outfits, but they can be worn even when you take along walk in a park.

Midi skirt
Midi skirt is very feminine and fits to any body shape. It doesn’t matter how high you are because this clothing piece will make you look awesome anyway. This combination: a fitting blouse, midi skirt and a pair of heels.

An elegant brooch
Statement necklaces are no longer a must-have (but they are still in fashion) this season. Replace them with a stylish brooch. Be careful, however, not to wear necklace or other obvious jewelry when you choose this accessory.

Uniform dress
The uniform dress is back in fashion and if you combine it with modern pieces, you’ll be a true fashionista.

Mommy’s Jeans
Skinny jeans will be replaced this season with “mommy’s jeans”. If you don’t want to look too vintage, match them with modern clothing pieces, such as a crop-top or a pair of heeled sandals.

Image Credits: Pinterest

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