How To Dress If You Have Wide Hips

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Many women face the problem of wide hips, even if they have extra pounds or not. Fat excess is unsightly and on the hips area automatically appear “coils”. Here are some outfits ideas that can save you if you’re among women with wide hips!

Avoid accessories in the hips area
Any outfit that you choose to wear should highlight the neckline or shoulders area. In this case, you should know that it’s better to avoid any kind of prints, sequins or any kind of applications over the hips, because you don’t want to highlight this area.

Dresses suitable for you!
Regarding dresses you must take in account the fact that if nature has endowed you with wide hips, we shouldn’t avoid these clothing items. If you choose it carefully, dresses can transform any silhouette in a perfect one. For example, women with wide hips should avoid dresses with suspenders. The most suitable type of dresses for wide hips, are retro dresses, light and airy with a cut that will highlight your upper body, especially the neckline area.

High waist jeans help
In the same clothing category high waist jeans are designed to hide your belly. We should have a pair in our wardrobe and match them perfectly will always save us when we don’t know what to wear.” If you have wide hips, it’s necessary to choose jeans or pants with high waist and, optionally, we can attach a thin belt to highlight the waist.


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