American style vs. French style

You already know that French women have a particular clothing style. They are chic and elegant and without any effort they choose the best outfits.

French women’s style is dominated by simplicity. The quality and elegance is given by well-made clothes and matching them perfectly. In addition, Parisian women are pride with their elegance and they believe that wearing sneakers or shorts in the city isn’t recommended, even if it’s trendy. These outfits worn during their free time occupies a special place in French society. In America, however, sneakers and jeans are part of daily style adopted by women.

French style

Choose bold outfits for a feminine look
Wearing leather boots with lace dress at a party, or a dress with a leather jacket is a casual style adopted very often.

Never exaggerate
Wearing blowzy hair or too natural makeup isn’t an impediment to stay in the house. In addition, don’t worry if the hair has a few rebel tresses. That is what makes them different. In addition, they like to combine outfits of different fabrics.

Be bold, but don’t overdo it
It’s admirable at French women style that they aren’t afraid to play with fashion. So wearing colored tights instead of black, or wearing two printed articles in the same outfit it’s absolutely normal. Catwalk tendencies are worn daily on the street of France.

French women are buying less but spending more
The latest fashion trends are quickly adopted in the US. While in France women aren’t buying clothes very often.

American women are influenced by the latest fashion trends
Women in France are uniform style, while American women are more driven by trends. Every French girl has an individual style that adheres to each season, while American women don’t change the style frequently because they want to keep up with the latest trends.

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