How to look fabulous in pictures

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We bet that it happened to you to scroll through Instagram feed and be amazed that all fashion bloggers and all street style stars pose so naturally in front of the camera. (Chiara Ferragni always amazes us with her ultra-cool nonchalance)!

Of course, it helps enormously to have a budget that guarantees unlimited cool outfits and a bunch of makeup artists and stylists, but there are some tips & tricks that will always make a difference between a good photo and a bad one.
Here are some simple tricks to make sure your pictures are always Instagram-ready:

Try to take pictures in the early morning or late afternoon (about 45 minutes before sunset), also known as “the golden hours” of photography when light is optimal.

It’s very important to apply your makeup in the same light you’ll be photographed, and also to adapt it. Artificial light requires a stronger makeup and natural light makes from a shiny makeup to shine excessive and it will accentuate wrinkles.
If your hair is tied in a ponytail, subtly bend your head, that your ponytail to be visible. Otherwise (if you pose with your face straight to the camera), you’ll create the illusion of lack of hair.

If the photoshooting takes place outside use a lotion with SPF (search for light formula). Classical sunscreen will make your skin shine excessively.

Look at photos of your favorite stars or street style stars and note their manners when they pose. Given the inspiration sources, practice in front of a mirror until you find the perfect position for you. Avoid posing in the same position in all photos.

Be careful not to pose from the front. Try to straighten your tiptoes to 45 degrees to the photographer then rotate your waist to get in front of the camera.

Balance the way light is reflected on your face: Use a highlighter product in the inner eye corners, just below the outer brow and on top of cheekbone then use an anti-shine on the forehead, chin, nose and temples.

Don’t ever keep your arms attached to the body if they aren’t 100% toned. You can try the red carpet classical position, one arm supported by the thinnest part of the waist and elbow outward oriented, and the second relaxed at your sides.

To avoid red-eye effect caused by flash light, don’t look directly at the camera. Try to look above it instead.

Avoid twisting your head too far on the back, not to produce the double chin effect and also avoid twisting your head too much sideways – a position that looks very odd and unnatural in photos.

Put your weight on the back hip / leg so that the one from the front to look thinner.

Sit up straight and bend your abdomen to look slimmer.

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