Find Out Which Is The Best Chromatic Mix For a Stylish Outfit

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When you’re on the run and have no idea of what to wear and how to match you’re your clothes it’s good to know some foolproof mixes that will leave a perfect impression.
From minimalist style to bold and provocative, here is our top 5 of matching clothes that we can always rely to create a stylish outfit.

White + Denim

An urban mix and a cool casual outfit, whether the contrasting textures (silk + jeans, for instance), or an edgy way denim on denim (one of the classic pieces in shades of blue, the other in pure white), this is a juxtaposition fresh and youthful, always in trends.

White + Gold

Angelic white joined by an extravagant splash of brightness, are the perfect match for a glamorous look. You can opt for white & gold outfit even during the day, choosing basic pieces with classic cut, like a plain white shirt plus a pair of cigarette-pants with sequin applications.

Red + Fuchsia

Although is a bold juxtaposition, which at first glance may sound like a bit “too much”, street style stars rely constantly on it, thanks to its spectacular impact. Don’t be afraid to try it – I assure you that you’ll be an absolutely memorable appearance.

Navy Blue + Black

For a long time, this match is on the list of fashion faux pas, considering that black and navy blue are two colors that don’t match in any way due to its lack of contrast. Easy-easy, the duo navy / black came out from under the shadow, becoming a go-to of minimalist registry. Try it on, with classic cuts, for a super chic look à la Parisienne.

Leopard + Red

Leopard print is itself a style statement, but joined with an explosive shade such as red, creates a fabulous mix and 100% full of femininity. If you’re not bold enough to wear an outfit from head to toe in leopard + red prints, choose something more subtle, like an animal print accessory, such as a bag or a pair of shoes, joined to an all red outfit.

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