How to make larger feet look smaller

If you have big feet, probably you’re not satisfied about any pair of shoes. But here we found out a few tricks that will make your feet look smaller.

If you have big feet, it’s better to wear heels. Even if it seems inconvenient, you’ll leave the impression of smaller feet. And it’s not necessary to wear stilettos: you can always choose thick heels, platforms, because the effect is the same.

Choose heels with round tip
Avoid long pointy heels as much as you can because it will leave the impression of bigger feet. Choose instead round-tipped heels. They are more comfortable and it will make your feet look smaller.

Wear dark colored shoes
If you have big feet, avoid bright colors shoes and wear dark colored shoes.

Avoid strap sandals
Sandals with thin straps elongate legs, so try not to wear this type of sandals.

Choose shoes with details
Please note that details on footwear, such as bows, buckles and chains, make your feet look smaller.

Image Credits: Pregnancysymptoms411

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