How to choose the right skirt for your body

To choose the perfect skirt can be a challenge. Instead choosing to buy pants, you better read our tips in what concerns skirts and body shape. Every woman should have at least one skirt in her closet, it’s as important as that pair of classic jeans or that classic blazer. Be aware of what designers propose and choose what suits you best.

How to choose a skirt depending on your body shape
Whatever the shape of your body is, a skirt must be chosen to highlight the best part of your body and hide the worst ones.

Women with generous shapes or pear-shaped body
The perfect skirt for these women is the pencil skirt with high waist. This type of skirt worn with a shirt stuffed into the waist will highlight your shapes. Try to choose a knee length skirt in neutral colors.

Short women / women with forms
An A-shaped mini skirt ending to mid-thigh is perfect for you. It will create the illusion of wasp waist worn with a large shirt.

Thin women / women without shapes
Flounced skirt or tulip skirt to mid-thigh is ideal for those who want to create volume around the hips area. Choose a shirt with horizontal stripes.

Tall women / women of medium height
Even if they seem out of fashion, choose pleated skirts. Silk or cotton, long or short these skirts can be worn on any occasion.

Straight denim mini-skirts can be worn successfully by women short or skinny women. Women with beautiful legs will look gorgeous in this type of skirt.

Midi skirts are a good choice for all types of body. Both shapeless and generous shape women can wear this skirt with confidence.


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