4 mistakes you’re making when you’re wearing high heels

Heels are very chic and give you a special flair, but we all know it can be quite uncomfortable. Wearing heels can be quite simple if we avoid these common mistakes we all make.

You wear heels too high!
When you go to parties, you don’t have a heel height limit, as long as you know how to resist a few hours with your shoes on. But during the day, don’t choose heels higher than 6 centimeters. After 2-3 hours you’ll cry in pain and will be an ordeal to walk from side to side, and at some point, your walk will become funny.

Your toes will slide on front!
Often, when you wear sandals, your toes will slide. Besides it’s very uncomfortable, it’s unaesthetic, too. Don’t think it’s normal, because it looks like you’re wearing a smaller size.

Wearing heels in the wrong places!
No matter how much you love heels, it doesn’t mean you should wear them anywhere. If you go to the beach, attend a garden party or if you go to a picnic you should leave your heels at home. Choose flats or platforms for such moments.

Wearing a bigger size!
If you notice that between your feet and shoe it’s enough space to slip a finger, it means that you’re wearing inappropriate size. Even if your foot slides forward, that space is a sign that your shoes are a bigger size and you’ll look ridiculous. Take a good look when you’re wearing heels and always buy the perfect ones.

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