Style rules: How to match socks

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Socks – we all wear them daily but often we don’t give much attention to the style guide. So, check out our style guide to wear your socks like celebrities on the red carpet.

Well, if you try to wear poor quality socks with a high quality suit, for sure you’re on the wrong track. Stockings keep your feet very comfortable, either your hiking or you’re on a simple walk. So, when you choose stockings you must consider your needs and if they match with your shoes.

First impressions are vital to everyday life, if you want to look great! So when you’re choosing a jacket, jeans, shirt or accessory, why would you neglect socks? Believe it or not, socks are also very important for your shoes. As feet are prone to sweating, this can damage the shoe.

General rules
~ Stop to slender, delicate socks for athletic shoes
~ If you aren’t sure how to wear socks, sticks to black socks.
~ Make sure that your socks match each other. It seems obvious, but it is an easy mistake to make.
~ A good pair of socks not only should absorb sweat, but sweat should distribute on the outer surface of the material.
~ If you’re wondering what color to wear with jeans – black is the safest option.
~ Socks length is very important, too.

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