Men’s guide: How to match a shirt and tie

Shirt and tie combinations can be difficult to match. But here we’ll offer you a few advices to match your shirt and tie like on the catwalk.

The classic combination of shirt and tie existed for centuries. If we look back in time, during 18th or 19th centuries, we can see a different version of shirt and tie used in various combinations. These days however, the combination of shirt and tie is something that must be considered and taken into account, because you can easily make mistakes.[expand]

When you want to combine colors, it’s important to know which ones go together. When you look at the color wheel you must decide the color of your shirt because this clothing item is the base color. And when you choose the tie must be the opposite color in the color wheel. For example, if you wear a purple shirt, doesn’t matter the shade you should pick a color opposite purple, like blue-green to yellow-orange.

A great thing when it comes to colors is that there are many shades of each color, so you can easily combine a colored shirt with a tie in the same color family. For example, if you wear a dark blue shirt, you can easily combine with a blue tie with a gray suit.

Nothing beats the classic white shirt. This classic color and its style make it versatile and easy to wear in any combination. To match a tie with a white shirt is easier than to match a tie with a colored shirt.









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