Find Out About Men’s Fashion Tendencies For 2016

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It is said that, once the year is changed it’s good to change our clothes and why not even our attitude. Well, it may sound as a cliché but “every end is a new beginning”, so here is a list of 2016th fashion tendencies. All that you have to do is look over our article and choose what suits you best by investing carefully your budget in your outfit.

Trend no. 1 – 2016th colors for men

In 2016, men will enjoy complete freedom when it comes to choosing colors. So don’t give up your clothes from previous years. Moreover, if you are the adept of classic colors like white, black and gray, dare to bring some color into your wardrobe. You may start with colors like brown, beige, camel, navy, burgundy then, gradually, you may choose bold colors in shades of orange, red, yellow or even pink and purple – colors which aren’t reserved only for women. Shirts in pale colors like pink and purple matched with a classic black suit and a pair of stockings in the same color would be perfect for 2016.

Spring-Summer season promises to be colorful, especially because next year, designers have decided to listen to psychologists recommendations who say that color shades a person decide to wear influences he’s mood, feeding he’s optimism and killing depression – XXI century disease. As a result, forget about black and white and try to match colors using your creativity and imagination. And if you don’t want to fail, you can combine black with one of the colors mentioned above. The classic combination of black + red is a safe choice for almost any outfit.

Then you can combine red with navy or burgundy with navy, because the chromatic effect will highlight you. The fact is that the shades were created for you to fiddle with them.

Trend no. 2 – main types of prints and fabrics

Whenever it comes to prints, for men and clothes they wear, things weren’t so simple. That’s because gentlemen are quite reluctant when it comes in choosing prints and fabrics. Men prefer a minimalist style, but sometimes wearing simple, classic clothes can leave the impression of a monotonous type of person. And we are sure that this isn’t the impression you want to leave. And here’s how to get rid of this unwanted tag.

So in 2016 try to wear the classic checker, even if the fabric comes in small or large checker it won’t be out of fashion. You can wear checkered suits, casual shirts or pants.
We recommend to avoid matching checker if it’s isn’t a suit.

Floral prints
Cheerful, colorful, but not very appreciated by men, floral prints are worn even in 2016th and on top of the list. To wear these types of prints we recommend making baby steps just like in matching colors. Also, you don’t need to wear floral prints if it’s not your style, but it’s a good idea to have a shirt in your wardrobe.

Graphic and geometric prints
Unlike the floral prints those are closer to gentlemen’s heart. Thus, wear them with confidence in 2016, especially when it comes to sweaters or blouses.

Horizontal and vertical stripes
Sailor style blouses, shirts and jackets will still be on top. When it comes to suits the accent is on vertical stripes.

This fabric never gets old and it will remain the main material when it comes to jeans and jackets.

This material isn’t worn only by the ladies. Velvet suits, trousers, jackets or shirts will headline in 2016 among men.

Trend no. 3 – trendy suits in 2016
Trends are more generous this year, so among the hot choices when it comes to suits include:

Two colors suits: Expect to see even more in terms of urban fashion. The secret lies in matching the following colors: navy blue and cherry red is the wise choice of 2016th, as well as blue and green with orange or blue.

Checkered suits:

Metallic colors suits: A choice that it takes courage when it comes to fashion. This type of suit is a great choice if you are attending a wedding. Be careful at these suits not to be too shiny because you’ll make a fool of yourself.

Velvet suits: It denotes elegance and style even though many gentlemen don’t agree with this but they are an excellent choice for cold days because velvet keeps you warm. You can start with small steps here. For example, choose a velvet jacket or a pair of pants and see how it fits in your wardrobe. We advise you to choose fall colors such as burgundy, navy, brown or olive green.

Striped suits: These are the main model for 2016.

Trend No. 4 – elegant and casual shirts

We can’t talk about suits without bringing it about shirts, even if it’s about casual or elegant shirts. For an outfit, it’s very easy to wear a shirt over a T-shirt with a pair of jeans and sneakers.

Striped shirts: thin stripes shirts are a good choice to be worn under blazers, when you want to give a personal touch to the outfit. But pay attention over the rest of the outfit to be simple.

Checkered shirts: always in fashion and easy to match.

Denim shirts: a great choice for cool spring or fall days

Zipper shirts: are extremely practical and they are reserved for casual outfits.

Jacket style shirts: the English say “overshirt” and that because can be worn over another shirt. It’s a new element in 2016 and it’s making room in trends.

Trend no.5 – the main models of jackets and coats
They are ideal for cold weather and in 2016 we won’t say goodbye to: denim jacket and trench.

Coats: Ideal in winter, the overcoat with pockets is still the wise choice in 2016. Try to wear the arched ones.

Leather jacket: Leather jacket is an item for casual outfits and can be very easy to match. Well, you have to take a good care of this jacket because it’s very hard to maintain and you have to clean it with special products.

Fur or feather jackets: They will be an excellent choice in 2016.

Trend no. 6 – Which pants are suitable in 2016?
Let’s start from shorts to long pants. Here are the main models:

Shorts – obviously the best choice for summer remain shorts, but we suggest wearing them with shirts and jackets at the office.

White pants: White is a color that never gets old and you can invest in a pair of white pants.

Colored chino pants: colored pants are always an excellent choice for summer. So that the spring-summer 2016 season will mean chino in shades such as red, scarlet, olive green, mustard yellow and navy blue.

Pants with padding: It’s a smart choice for winter, especially now that designers have proposed and insist on the usefulness of clothes and fashion not only on their appearance.

Jeans: The reasons for wearing jeans and their longevity are multiple. Wear simple, classical jeans to prewashed and damaged jeans.

Conclusion: These are just some of the trends of 2016 revealed by designers and what’s new when it comes to fashion will post on our website.

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