4 fashion ideas for chubby ladies to look “yummy”

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This summer short tops are a must-have and this item isn’t only youthful, but also very versatile. And if women with a few extra pounds are afraid to wear such a garment because they will look foolish, here are a few tricks for them to look “delicious” with short tops on.

Assorted pants
Even if you haven’t the size of a model don’t be afraid to wear prints because…it makes you look fat. Wrong! A short top and a pair of trousers of the same fabric will cheerful balance the proportions from the breast and hips area.

Midi skirt with short top
Extra weight can make you adorable when you wear an extra volume midi skirt. If you choose to wear a neon shade or something more playful then the effect is spectacular.

Accept your forms
Where is it written that if you have a few extra pounds it’s forbidden to show your skin? I tell you…nowhere! So, be confident and pick a stylish outfit to show your voluptuous shapes.

Tailor your outfit
You thought that you can’t wear a shot top at work? Well, it isn’t true. If it’s a stylish shirt with an elegant cut wear it with confidence with a print skirt. A golden accessory such as a necklace or a belt can make the outfit look spectacular.

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