Street fashion in New York City

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New York City residents are known for their fast-pace lifestyle, always on the run and this is often reflected in their outfits.

Trends in New York are launched on the street more than the catwalk. No other city embrace extravagance as NYC and its busy and hectic pace atmosphere encourages you to experiment, to come out and assert your individuality. It’s a city which understands that clothes separate you from the crowd and women rely on an eccentric personal style.

Like any other metropolis there are 2 types of women: the one who prefers clothes from luxury brands, always elegant and bright, and the other one with a relaxed and comfortable style such as young girls wearing vintage combinations and original pieces from mass-market stores.

Opposite Parisian women in New York you’ll rarely see someone dressed in black from head to toe. They prefer bright colors and haven’t got any problem in wearing a bright red coat with an animal print dress for a day outfit.

It is said that in New York you dress for success either to impress or to express yourself. Dare to wear unusual combinations of clothing as Carrie Bradshaw character in the TV series Sex and the City, famous for her extravagant style, or adopt an elegant look like the fashion icon Olivia Palermo. Don’t hesitate to match different textures or materials or different types of prints in the same outfit.

If you want a casual look, I recommend a shirt with a logo, a pair of skinny jeans and a khaki parka jacket. To complete the outfit, choose a large bag in a bright color.

For an elegant look, choose a pencil skirt and a shirt in white polka dots. Accessories are very important for this outfit: dotted shoes, gold bracelets and clutches complement the white clothing carefully.

Well, after all no matter what style you prefer, a confident attitude shouldn’t miss from your style.

Image Credits: Stylishwife

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